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A website made by traders, miners, bounty-hunters and airdrop cathers to provide clean info.


Website started on 11 October 2017 and still in development. Our plans:


There are lots of ways to earn some extra with cryptocurrency. Trading is the most obvious but there are much more. We collect some tips and if you have suggestions we take a look on those.


There is lots of information out there. It takes quite some time to filter out the bad info (scams for example) and keep the good ones. We filtered that out for you already. Again, if you have suggestions we do a little research and might add it on the website.

How to …..

Some FAQs for new comers in the cryptoworld. Some topics we could cover: trading, exchanges, chart reading, how to buy bitcoin, mining, mining pools, algorithms, etc.


The Hashers team consist mainly of volunteers having experience in setting up mining rigs, trading on several exchanges and are familiar with bounties and airdrops. New members are welcome. A plan is to provide a platform where we can pay out in cryptocurrency. Income could be generated by tips from visitors and referals.

How to setup a mining rig
Is mining still profitable and if so, how to set it up? We show the differences between NVIDIA and AMD graphic card and the different coins they can mine.
How to find out if the hardware is compatible, and how much it will cost. What to expect what the profits are and how to setup the software.
How to buy Bitcoin?
There are numerous of ways to buy Bitcoin. Most exchanges ask you to provide proof of identity and sometimes the transfer fee is not encouraging.
Let’s find out some easier ways or alternatives.
How to earn?
There are also numerous ways to earn. Not only trading and mining, but there also airdrops, bounties, faucets and other ways to earn some extra
with cryptocurrency. Let’s see what we can think off and how we can help eachother. We try to filter the information that is holding us from doing so.
Suggestions can be submitted by members and visitors, and after a review we can place them here. We take a look if we can introduce fee for that in the future.

Project: Cryptocurrency analysts

Are you the next cryptocurrency guru or do you want to gain more recognition as a cryptocurrency expert? Then this could be your gateway.

Cryptocurrency Analysts

It seems that more and more jobs where blockchain and cryptocurrencies is involved are in demand. If you want to gain some recognition as expert in this field, probably you will be interested to be one of our analysts on Hashers.

Date: 2017-04-12

Client: Diverse

Skills: Cryptocurrency and blockchain analyst.

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Future Projects

Some future projects we have in mind.



We provide info and tips about trading. Trading seems to be easy at first sight but the more you get involved the more complications you start to see.



If you want to start with mining it's a good idea to do some research. We try to give the latest updates and tips. Check : How to mine Bitcore (BTX)

Crypto Portal

Crypto Portal

We will provide page with usefull links about mining, trading, exchanges, legal info, news-sites, bounties, airdrops and other sites. Check: Cryptoportal

Content Platform

Content Platform

The idea is to create a content platform where content writers can earn some tokens not only by tips from visitors, but also from token-developers. For now you could gain recognition as crypto-expert by placing reviews.



Bounties are a way to earn some tokens by providing some content about it. Site website is suitable for it, but we will first review everything that will be posted here. We want to provide our visitors info that is reliable as possible.



Frequently there is an airdrop. Imagine someone invented a telephone. But if no-one is using a telephone, there is no-one to call to. So in that case it could be a good investement to provide some telephones for free to start with.


Visitors since start:


Cups of Coffee since launch


Articles written.




I started two weeks ago with trading, and there is so much info out there. I am glad I found this website.


Good idea about that content platform. I'll keep an eye on this site. Seems to be promising.


Cool, I can't wait to see how to setup a mining rig with NVIDIA cards. Is it still profitable? There is enough info out there, but I need some clear steps.


I love content writting. When can I start? How much will I earn with it?


If I may suggest, put a page with a lot of links in categories. So visitors will come back to your site.


Bitcoin seems to be booming. I don't know what to read anymore. All info out there is to gain profit. Don't know. Will see.



Some of the services we provide.

Hashers – a website that provides clear and concise information in layman’s terms for starting cryptoneers in order to create the opportunity to gain profit and help assess the volatility of the cryptomarket.

Content writing

New coin needs some attention. We will read your whitepaper or description of your project, do some research, and we love to write an article about it. We love tokens as well.

Blog – comments

We love to pay attention to the comments in the Blog with a cup of coffee. Let's find out what is goin on on a deeper level.

Graphic Design

Content writing and graphic design are eachothers best friends. Problably you knew that already.

Trading – Charts

Some info and tips about trading. We have some experience, and know how to relate the info what is out there.


Advertising on this site is only possible after we did a review. We want to provide our visitors reliable information. There will be a list available of what criteria your advertisment, project or product has to meet.

Hashers – a website that provides clear and concise information in layman’s terms for starting cryptoneers in order to create the opportunity to gain profit and help assess the volatility of the cryptomarket.


Hasher Lite

  • If your project doens't need any investment
  • If members has a reasonable chance to gain profit
  • If registration doesn't end up in a full e-mail inbox.
BTC 0.01

Hasher Pro

  • Submission to other engines
  • One Full page
  • Grahpic designer avaible.
BTC 0.1

Hasher premium

  • Negotiable
  • Negotiable
  • Negotiable
  • Negotiable

Brands we use

Brands we use daily to set up our services and products.


Hashers is a website for traders, miners, bounty-hunters and airdrop catchers. Made by the same kinds of people of what it is for. What we want is to provide info that is as reliable as possible. There is a lot of info out there and a part of it is scam unfortunately. We try to filter that out. Next to that we want to provide a content platform where it is possible for content writers to earn some tokens.

Hashers – a website that provides clear and concise information in layman’s terms for starting cryptoneers in order to create the opportunity to gain profit and help assess the volatility of the cryptomarket.

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