BTX Mining Manual

  • August 15th, 2018
  • Mining
  • Hashshark777

BTX Mining Manual

A manual for those who struggles setting up mining BTX.

Step 01
Downloading CCMINER on Github

Head over to bitcore pool. In my case I clcik CCMINER because I have a NVIDIA card.

Link: Bitcore Pool

Step 02
Logo of Github

Github Logo.

That brings me to Github. Be careful downloading software from shares from cloudstorage.
Step 03
CCMINER v2.2.2. on Github

There we find CCMINER v2.2.2. released 2 weeks ago. Sounds good.

Step 03a
Cuda 9 for newer cards

If you have a newer card go to the CUDA 9 version. Check on the website of your manufacturer if you don't know it. (MSI GTX 1080 TI supports CUDA 9.) Next step is to check if you have the required driver:

Step 04
Device Manager

Right click on Start and then Device Manager

Step 05
Device Manager - Display adapters

In Device Manager click on Display Adapters

Step 06
Graphics card - properties

Right-click on one your your graphic cards and then Properties.

Step 07
NVIDIA driver version

Click on tab called Driver and check the Driver version as showed. You can see this also in the software of your graphics card.

Step 08
CCMINER versions

in my case I choose for the 64-bit version and Cuda 9. If you have Windows - 32bit, you have to download x86. See: Start - Settings - Systeem - Info.

Step 09
Download file via browser

A bar at te bottom of your browser will pop up. Click the arrow-up behind Save.

Step 10
Click Save as ...

Click: Save as...

Step 11
Select folder to download to.

Select your downloads folder on the right. Or another place if you prefer.

Step 12
File name of CCMINER 2.2.2.

At the left-bottom you will see this filename. In my case it is recognized as a .7Z file because I have the 7-zip installed. Download here.

Step 13
Save the file

Click Save.

Step 14
Running security scan.

Windows Defender will scan the file.

Step 15
Open folder.

Click open folder.

Step 16
Ccminer selected in File Explorer

You will see the just downloaded file already selected in File explorer.

Download 7-Zip: Download 7-zip if you don't have it yet.
Step 17
Click on 7-zip.

Click on 7-zip or similar. It depends what software you have installed to decompress .7z files.

Step 18
Extracting to a new folder.

Extract it to a location where you can find it easily. I choose "Extract to ccminer x64 2.2.2" so it makes a new folder called ccminer x64 2.2.2.

Step 19
Press F5 to refresh

After Extracting press on F5 to refresh File explorer.

Step 20
content of the folder of CCMINER version 2.2.2.

Open the folder you just unzipped. Mine was ccminer-x642.2.2-cuda9

Step 21
Making a new text file by right-clicking in the file-explorer

Right-click on an empty area in the file-explorer to make a new txt-file

Step 22
Edit a new Text Document

A new Text Document will apear. Right click and choose Edit.

Step 23
Click Edit to edit Text Document

Click Edit

Step 24
Using notepad to make a .bat file for CCMINER.

Notepad opens the document so we can put the command to start ccminer with our address and save it as a .bat file.

Step 25
Copy command for the .bat file for CCMINER

Head over to the website to copy the command as shown in the image.

Step 26
Copy by right-clicking selected text.

You can select text, right click on it and choose for Copy to copy the text. You can also use Ctrl-C.

Step 27
Right-Click - Paste in notepad

Back to note pad where we can Right-Click and choose Paste.

Step 28
Notepad with the command to mine BTX - Bitcore

Notepad with the text pasted.

Step 29
Maximize Window

Click the squares to maximize

Step 30
Opening Bitcore Wallet

Open your Bitcore wallet. We definitely need our receive address.

Step 31
Receiving addresses in Bitcore Wallet.

Click File - Receiving addresses.

Step 32
Copying receiving address in Bitcore Wallet

Select your address, right-click and Copy Address.

Step 33
Enterning your own receive address in the command.

Back in Notepad, select the wrong address, Right-Click and paste your own address.

Step 34
Paste text in Notepad

Like that. I clicked right and choose paste.

Step 35
Save Text file in notepad.

File - Save as..

Step 36
Selecting folder to save the .bat-file.

Select the correct folder. It will look like this.

Step 37
Naming a file in Notepad

Give it a name you like so you can remember it well. But don't save it yet.

Step 38
Select All Files.

Click on Text Documents and Select All Files. Rename .txt to .bat as shown here.

Step 39
Select ANSI coding

Choose for ANSI.

Step 39
Select ANSI coding

Choose for ANSI.

Step 40
A .bat file for CCMINER to mine Bitcore

You see now your .bat file. In my case BTX_Minging.bat. Double click and enjoy.

Step 41
Mining Bitcore

It Works! Mining starts.

Step 41
Mining with GTX 1080 TI - Bitcore

The cards are accepting jobs.

Step 42
Receiving address in the pool

Head back to the website, and in search you give in your receiving address.

Step 43
Mining Bitcore BTX

After a while you should see something like this. Double check your address. This is the default one. Leave it a few hours mining and look around on the website to familiarise with it. And meanwhile ... what about giving our Facebookpage a like?


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  1. left a comment on November 20, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    When i want to open the program and mine my cmd window closes instantly any reason idea what im doing wrong?

    • Hasher_Admin left a comment on November 22, 2017 at 1:49 am

      I think that the filename (ccminer) is not spelled well in the .BAT – file. The filename and the name in the .BAT file has to be exact the same. You could copy the name of the miner in the file explorer and past it’s name in the .bat file.

  2. dwisupriyono left a comment on December 7, 2017 at 12:16 am

    I need tutorial how to mining bitcore coin with AMD/ATI GPU. is there any link to it?

    • Hasher_Admin left a comment on December 7, 2017 at 12:31 am

      I am not sure if mining with AMD is the best choice, but you can use the SGminer software. It’s almost the same procedure, except that you put this in your .bat file:
      sgminer.exe –kernel timetravel10 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1NgZ7MjHmVUuuy2Y4UMxDaVm4Me3TcNMpt -p x -I 19.
      Don’t forget to replace the 1NgZ7MjHmVUuuy2Y4UMxDaVm4Me3TcNMpt with your own address. ( Seem my manual here).
      You can find the latest sgminer.exe on github.(see Google) (I don’t recommend to download elswhere unless you trust it).
      You can also use the chat on:

      Regards, Hahser_Admin

  3. Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui left a comment on January 9, 2018 at 5:38 pm


    I have ccminer/2.2.4
    i use the same command format as for ccminer/2.2.2
    but when i start mining it stuck on after detecting the gpu (i have nvidia 1050 Ti)
    also i am trying to mine with spmod2 but i can not successful
    do you have any idea hasher_Amin

  4. valera left a comment on January 14, 2018 at 8:49 am

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