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Hashers News 1 Nov 2017

For developers: Struggling to explain your visitors how to install your wallet, how to get your coin? Are you planning an airdrop or a bounty? We have seen many airdrops and bounties and we have also seen frustrated visitors. A good thing that we are here. Not only we could provide a step by step guide, but streamline your project to make it user-friendly.

Our succes-story

We received quite some traffic from our previous two blog posts: the mining and airdrop manual for Bitcore. These days not only developers and nerds are active in the cryptoworld, but also our neighbours, friends and family. Developers of a coin often don't realize that an average computer-user is not familiar with even unzipping a folder or how to find the file after downloading it on the computer. We, at Hashers are also active in technical support for big brands for years. We know where visitors are struggling with, and how to identify the level of experience a visitor has.

Crypto tips, reviews, info, advice and guides.

Crypto tips, reviews, info and step by step guides.

What we could provide

  • A Blog post (manual, review, tips)
  • Advice on how to present your aidrop or bounty
  • Anything else is dicussable

What are the costs?

There are no costs but be free to donate. We have a business plan for the longterm. For now we are interesting building up a community.

Developers can contact us:

  • Via form below.
  • send us and e-mail to infoAThashers.co.uk.
  • Via Twitter or Facebook. See footer of page.
  • By using comment below the post
  • By using the chat on the right of this page

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Techsupport for big brands, 3D designer, Social Media Marketing enthousiast and cryptoneer.

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