Bounty – ICOToday

Bounty - ICOToday

After having some bounties joined, I found that this bounty is worth mentioning it. ICOToday's bounty stands out that the descriptions, guidelines and procedures are very clear. Instead of using a Bitcoin talk thread ICOToday is using to organize the contest and does this very well.

What does the ICOToday bounty contain?

We at Hashers prefer to write about bounties that doesn't just contain posting referrals. We prefer bounties that ends up in tweets with useful information. The ICOToday contains several tasks and it is up to you what task you would like to carry out. Included tasks are: Joining channels, Refer others, Sign up on the ICOToday platform, Take a survey, and we just received an e-mail today that we could publish an article and earn 500 stakes. This latter option is the most interesting to us. We find ICOToday worth it to write about.

What is ICOToday and what is ?

ICOToday is a platform that ICO investors can use. Since ICOToday is relatively new, it organized a bounty and is using for that since is specialized in that task. This way ICOToday will gain more engagement and can focus on the quality of their services.

What is an ICO ?

When a coin will be released for the first time to the market, usually the developers-team will sell the coin for a cheap price. This money will be used to develop the coin further. You can compare it with IPO in stocks. For us cryptoneers, it could mean that it is a good idea to buy these coins and once the price is higher to sell them. However, you probably heard in the news that there are a lot of scams; developers selling coins for a cheap price and that's it. In China and other countries there were so-called ICO-bans which means usually that the government would like to regulate ICO's to prevent fraud. We see now some websites popping up like ICO-listings. ICOToday is such a website, but goes a step further and seem to stand out from the rest by integrating a platform for investors (like you and me), and hiring an analyst who rank the ICOs according to an advanced set of rating-guidelines for ICO's.

Until when is the bounty?

The last day to enter is January 15, 2018 at 05:45 PM EST. So there is still plenty of time.

What are Stakes?

Stakes are not equal to tokens. At the end of the contest all of the tokens in the bounty pool will be distributed proportionally between the participants based on the number of stakes they've earned. The mores stakes - the more tokens you'll receive.

How do I register for the ICOToday's Bounty?

You can join the ICOToday's bounty here: ICOToday - Bounty

What if I just want to register on ICOToday ?

If you are not interested in the bounty, but like to have the following possibilities:
  • Wallets: BTC, ETH and ICT
  • A Feed on ICOToday
  • Subscribe to ICO-projects
  • List your own ICO
  • Follow other users on ICOToday
  • Follow and watch ICO-listings
Then use this link to register: Register for ICOToday

I would like to have some more info about ICOToday

Best is to visit ICOToday's website for up-to-date info: ICOToday
There is another link related to it, but will provide an update about this:

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by BitBiter on ICOToday - Bountie

It happens that I spend time for a few hours looking for airdrops and bounties just to find out that they are not working. I am quite tech-savy, so that is not the issue. The issue is often that there is missing details, bad documentation, and sometimes there is even not a site. Today it happened that there was an airdrop announced and there was not even a coin, just a registration form on Google docs. Probably they just want some e-mails? I joined ICOToday as well, and I must say Vyper is an example of how to organize a contest or bounty. ICOToday seems to be an interesting site as well. The new ICO analyst did already some good work. You have my vote.


Techsupport for big brands, 3D designer, Social Media Marketing enthousiast and cryptoneer.

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