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Hashers_Admin: Sergey surprised me with his reviews. He placed the reviews shown below in one evening which would take a whole week for me to do it. It seems he understood exacly what I mean with the purpose of writing these short reviews. A big applaus for Sergey Drag. !

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Cardano (ADA) - Dec 5 2017, Stars: 5
Cardano (ADA) is in the top 10 of crytocurrencies based on Market cap right now. This platform is similar to Ethereum, but more science related, since the CEO is former Chief Officer of Ethereum and an American Mathematician which studied cryptography in university. The project is mainly used to fix the hard fork issue we all experienced multiple times. Because this software is built in layers, the big changes to this do not need to be hard forked, but can simply be solved by a soft-fork. The most important part: It has actually proved security. And I like things that are proven before millions of dollars are pumped into it.
FunFair (FUN) - Dec 5, 2017, Stars: 2
FunFair (FUN) is basically a casino on the blockchain. It is based on the Ethereum technology and the games will be built with HTML5. As casinos tend to be very shady businesses, this project is meant to be the opposite of that: a transparent casino. The currency will be used as chips to participate in the online casino’s games. While the British developers are experts in casinos, they are not big guys in the blockchain business. The project will have an official public release in the start of 2018.
Vertcoin (VTC) - Dec 5, 2017 Stars: 4
A lot of people have seen the rise of popularity of Vertcoin. This green coin is specialized in sending and receiving transactions without fees. You can mine this coin with GPU and CPU power, so the initial barrier to mine is very low. The mining network also uses an ASIC resistance technology, which makes it fairer for small users to mine the coin and keep big company mining monopolies away. Advertising itself as “the coin of the people”, because it is meant to fight centralization, and that’s all we’re interested in as crypto investors right?
LISK (LSK) - Dec 5, 2017 Stars: 3
Lisk looks a lot like NEO because DAPPS (Decentralized Applications) can be written in Javascript on top of it. The developers can build, publish, distribute and monetize these apps. All apps will get their own sidechain, so it developers won’t start with a big bloated one. Ever had the idea to launch your own start-up? Well, consider Lisk, since they even offer an app store with all the DAPPS that are programmed in Lisk! This project is in its earlier stages, so their website looks very empty right now. I hope to see more form them in the future, but I won’t put my own money into it.
NEO (NEO) - Dec 5, 2017, Stars: 5
Neo is a platform and a cryptocurrency that was previously known as Antshares. Often this platform is referred to as the Ethereum of China, and rightly so. It is also focused on Smart Contracts and applications. When you’re deciding to invest into Neo or Ethereum, you have to know the differences: To write smart contracts on Ethereum, you need to lean a new programming language. This is not the case with Neo. It accepts code that is written in Java, C# and GO. Like the country itself, it is the rising tiger of cryptocurrency!
Dogecoin (Doge) - Dec 5, 2017, Stars: 1
One of the first so called “junk coins”, Dogecoin (DOGE), is a fork from Litecoin. Currently holding a staggering 43rd place on Coinmarketcap, which it barely deserves. Coins like these have no added value, other than just being around for the laughs. It does not have any different technology or any valuable developers. Coins like these should be avoided as investing tools. The community is full of trolls, which sponsored an olympic bobsled team and a nascar car with Dogecoin.
Bitcore (BTX) - Dec 4, 2017 Stars: 4
Bitcore (BTX) is a virtual (!) fork of Bitcoin since the 24th of April in 2017. This means that the whole Blockchain behind Bitcoin is not copied, but a new and fresh Blockchain is started. While forking they did copy all the accounts that at least had 0.01 BTC on their wallet, so maybe even YOU have BTX without even knowing it! BTX is known for their weekly 3-5% airdrops, which is 4% in the month December, and it increased by 1% every month! The coin uses a 20MB blocksize and is also using SegWit. If you want to trade this coin, the places to do so are Cryptopia and
Stellar Lumens (XLM) - Dec 3, 2017 Stars: 4
We all know the issue with Bitcoin and how it has become a challenge on how to scale for many and fast transactions. The Stellar network actually solves this problem with their tokens Stellar Lumens (XLM). The payments have very low fees and have 3 to 5 second confirmation time compared to 10 minutes of Bitcoin. XLM is a fork from Ripple which sacrifices a bit of decentralization for speed. It recently partnered with IBM to make a liquid Cross-border transaction network which explains the increase in price on October the 15th.