What is Blockchain – part 1.

What is Blockchain Part 1. Intro Blockchain is a database technology and use of network that is a bit different than we used to do. It is […]

Bounty – ICOToday

Bounty - ICOToday After having some bounties joined, I found that this bounty is worth mentioning it. ICOToday's bounty stands out that the descriptions, guidelines and procedures […]

Hashers update

  • November 1, 2017
  • Updates
  • Hasher_Admin
Hashers News 1 Nov 2017 For developers: Struggling to explain your visitors how to install your wallet, how to get your coin? Are you planning an airdrop […]


Qoinpro surprisingly simple. Review of a faucet/wallet called Qoinpro. Update per 15 November 2017: You probably need loads of referrals because the daily free coins you get […]