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A friend kept on telling me about blockchain and cryptocurrency. I never was that much interested in it, until my friend showed some results. Once I started to read about it, it felt like I saw the light. Could it be possible in the (far) future that there are our own authority?

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Agoras (AGRS) - 11/03/2017
Last tweet of Agoras token is from February 2016. I wonder what happened in June. I don't expect much in longterm for Agoras token.
ARK (ARK) - 11/03/2017
I believe ARK has a very good foundation and therefore a good coin to invest for the longterm. You see the comparison with XEM in Google Trends. In september the price was high. Now that the price is low I think it's not to bad to invest.
Looks like an interesting project but there are so many other currencies with interesting projects as well. Though I will surely keep an eye on it. Developers of Basic Attention Token are very active.
Bancor (BNT) - 11/03/2017
I think Bancor is undervalued. The developers are very active developing their protocol. Keywords: smart tokens, liquidity, protocol, lower volatility.
For some reason it is not trending, but I will keep an eye on it.
Stealthcoin (XST) - 11/03/2017
Stealthcoin has an excellent website which provides structured information. Interesting project as well. Keywords: privacy, TOR, anonimity. Stealthcoin will switch to proof of work (POS). Future plans: decentralized exchange. It surprises me that it is not trending in Google Trends.
Monaco (MCO) - 11/11/2017
The price drop on October 31 is probably related to the removal of the asset contract by the developers. This asset contract was a good reason for investors to invest in Monaco. And so the trust in Monaco probably decreased at that time for that reason. Now that recently is announced that Visa approved the production of the cards most community members will wait until the cards really arrive. According to the Bitcoin Talk thread, the Monaco Visa cards will be delivered first in Asia and then Europe followed by the U.S. I would suggest: keep an eye on the news.
NavCoin (NAV) - 11/12/2017
NAV, or NavCoin is a currency focussed on:
- Anonymous transactions
- Proof of Staking (PoS)
- Staking on Rasberry Pi
- Dapps (Wallet)
NavCoin has a strong community who believe NavCoin is undervalued. If you check their Twitter account you see that there are loads of (higher quality) tweets each day and that for months.
Qua price-value there was a high peak on September 1 (like many other coins). Since then there is a downtrend (which seems to recover) but still up today, NavCoin shows the most tweets of high quality. Could be an interesting coin.
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