Vertcoin (VTC)

ASICs, highly specialized computers, have put the power to mine cryptocurrencies in fewer peoples’ hands. This centralization of power weakens the security of the coin and may impact the long term value. Vertcoin is wholly dedicated to decentralization through meaningful innovation.

Bittrex Latest Data - VTC/BTC:

  • Market Name: BTC-VTC
  • High: 0.00010561 BTC
  • Low: 0.00010011 BTC
  • Volume: 127033.27840973
  • Last: 0.00010216 BTC
  • Basevolume: 13.06948128
  • Timestamp: 2018-09-26T13:31:32.967
  • Created: 2014-02-13T00:00:00
  • Bid: 0.00010218 BTC
  • Ask: 0.00010240 BTC
  • Open Buyorders: 427
  • Open Sellorders: 2046
  • Previous Day: 0.00010130 BTC

Vertcoin VTC - Recently

From october 14 until now (11 november) we see a trend up. There is not directly a clear cause that could explain this uptrend. We see tweets around that date about the availability of Vertcoin on the Nano Ledger, and we see that the developers are coming with updates frequently like the completion of the TOR-wallet. The community seems to be strong and Vertcoin has proven history it seems. Around October 8 we see a big uptrend in Google Trends.
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by S. Drag on VTC

A lot of people have seen the rise of popularity of Vertcoin. This green coin is specialized in sending and receiving transactions without fees. You can mine this coin with GPU and CPU power, so the initial barrier to mine is very low. The mining network also uses an ASIC resistance technology, which makes it fairer for small users to mine the coin and keep big company mining monopolies away.
Advertising itself as “the coin of the people”, because it is meant to fight centralization, and that’s all we’re interested in as crypto investors right?