How to setup a mining rig
Is mining still profitable and if so, how to set it up? We show the differences between NVIDIA and AMD graphic card and the different coins they can mine.
How to find out if the hardware is compatible, and how much it will cost. What to expect what the profits are and how to setup the software.
How to buy Bitcoin?
There are numerous of ways to buy Bitcoin. Most exchanges ask you to provide proof of identity and sometimes the transfer fee is not encouraging.
Let’s find out some easier ways or alternatives.
How to earn?
There are also numerous ways to earn. Not only trading and mining, but there also airdrops, bounties, faucets and other ways to earn some extra
with cryptocurrency. Let’s see what we can think off and how we can help eachother. We try to filter the information that is holding us from doing so.
Suggestions can be submitted by members and visitors, and after a review we can place them here. We take a look if we can introduce fee for that in the future.